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Turning the case upside down?

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I have a standard ATX cheap case.

At the moment the single peice of hardware creating the most heat would have to be my video card which is at the bottom of the case.
Now I was wondering if I was to just turn my case upside down so the video card is at the top and cut a hole out of the bottom (which would be the top) and place an exhaust fan there to suck the hot air away from the video card and obviously flip the DVD writer over.

Would this work?

Is there anything that necessarily has to be the right way up?
The HDD do they have to be cover plate side up?

Your views/comments would be apprciated.
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Why not just get a pci exaust fan thingy, they hook right into your pci slot and take air away from pci/agp/pci-e cards.
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