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Turning the case upside down?

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I have a standard ATX cheap case.

At the moment the single peice of hardware creating the most heat would have to be my video card which is at the bottom of the case.
Now I was wondering if I was to just turn my case upside down so the video card is at the top and cut a hole out of the bottom (which would be the top) and place an exhaust fan there to suck the hot air away from the video card and obviously flip the DVD writer over.

Would this work?

Is there anything that necessarily has to be the right way up?
The HDD do they have to be cover plate side up?

Your views/comments would be apprciated.
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Originally Posted by Blue_Fire

doesnt BTX have the cards at the top? so in essence, you just red-neck converted your way to btx lol


I don't know what a BTX case looks like but it would be better right?

Any answers on the component affects?

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Holy crap!

That's some seriously crazy setup.
Is that safe?

On a side note:

I'm getting tired of my crap cheap box and was thinking of making a wooden case out of MDF so I can lay my motherboard flat on the bottom and have a massive exhaust fan on the back end and some filtered 120mm intake fans in the front so the air basically runs straight through from the front to the back, basically a wind tunnel.

I'd have all the wires/connectors coming out of neatly drilled holes in the side of the box.

I think it would be cheaper than buying one of these fancy cases and it would be more effective/customisable(spelling?).

I should be able to cut the drive mounts out of my old case and mount them into the wooden box without any troubles right?
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