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Turning up AAC files?

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I have some AAC files that are quieter than most of my acc files. Is there any program that will turn them or normalize them?
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in itunes you can select "sound check" and it will normalize all your music.
yep im agreed..
always have itunes/ipod set to sound check - works a treat.
If you're playing them with a DirectShow capable player (like Winamp or Windows Media Player), then you can set ffdshow's audio component to normalize everything on play back. That also means they don't lose any quality as a result of decompress-normalize-recompress.
Well I used iTunes to turn it up but tried playing the turned up in winamp and still sounded quiet. I want to make them normal like the rest of my files so it sounds the same on any device or pc.

Is there a application like a editor I can use? because Itunes didn't work

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aacgain can permanently alter the (parts that make up the aac data), so there is no degradation in quality. Its been updated over the years. You can get it from here:


I'm not sure if it will work on raw aac ATDS (is that right?) files, but it works on aac wrapped in the mp4 container. Its part of mp3gain @ sourceforge, but I don't know if that includes the latest version.
^ for people who suspect this to be spam, it isn't. That site is legitimate and I've used it many times myself.
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