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Turns on shuts down

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Ok well my fisrt rig is finished I have the processor and now I went o turn it on and fans turn on and there is nothing sent to the monitior and then it beeps a good bit and shuts down so whats wrong !!
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check and make sure you installed everything correctly..how many times does it beep? try taking everything out but the bare minimum..only 1 stick of ram 1 hd..1 cd drive..ect..see if it works then
3 beeps then 2 beeps then a beep and it shuts down
so 1 beep 3 beeps 2 beep beep shuts down
It must be the hard drive, it says a bunch of stuff like P5W DH Deluxe then goes to a hard drive screen and shuts down. Im going to best buy now to pick up a diffrent hard drive and a windows operating system which operating system should i geT?

Sorry for the quad post im in a rush and have to go to work now hope you guys can help me. Jay
Well in your motherboard manual there should be a section on beep codes.. look up the beep sequence in there and it should give you a rough idea of what's wrong.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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