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[Tutorial] DVD Drive Stealth Guide (56k warning)

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Hi all, I was talking to someone on PM and they wanted a guide to this. I looked for one in the modder's resources topic and I couldn't find one, so I am putting this together. It is my first guide, and a work in progress so go easy on me

Why stealth a DVD drive?
In almost every really nice case mod I see there is a plain black or beige DVD drive that really doesn't fit with the color scheme. If you stealth your drive using an original bay cover you can paint it to look all snazzy. Even if you aren't planning to mod or paint your case, having a stealthed drive greatly improves the look of the case.

Materials Needed:
To do this mod the way that I did it you will need a pair of pliers, a drive bay cover that fits your case, a DVD drive (duh), a case (also duh), and some 3M Heavy duty double sided mounting tape. If I can find this tape in Australia, you can find it anywhere... seriously... Aus has nothing.

Preparing your Drive Bay Cover
For most cases you will have to flatten your drive bay cover by cutting off anything on the back - any protruding plastic will stop it opening and closing properly.

After you have cleaned it up, it should look something like this:

Now you just build up layers of double sided tape until the tape is flush with the sides of the drive bay cover. If your cover is perfectly flat and very thin (less that 1/4 inch or 5mm) then you only need one strip of tape. Because I used a thick drive bay, I needed 6 layers of tape.

Preparing your drive
Removing the drive makes this much easier.

Take your DVD drive and put a small strip of scrap metal over the button. It should be anchored by a small piece of tape INSIDE of the open close button. When you push on the outside of the metal, the drive should open.

Putting it all together
Put your prepared drive in its bay, it should be recessed in.

Check that it opens and closes properly, you don't want to have to unstick the tape too many times to alter it's position.

Now, carefully line up the drive bay cover with the drive. Stick it firmly down. When you are sticking it down it should open because you are putting pressure on the metal strip - I found it easier to stick on the cover with the drive open.

Close the drive and push on the bottom right hand corner, it should open.

If it opens, congratulations! You have a stealthed DVD drive. If it doesn't open, then you have done something wrong. Re-read this guide, make sure to follow all the steps, and if it still doesn't work, the chuck me a PM.



Edit 23/10/09 Just saw this bumped, I have actually come up with a far better way of opening/closing the stealthed drive. I will make a tutorial soon.
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Fwiw, you dont' have to use a bit of metal. Just slice the tape thin enough to layer up the button and leave the top piece of tape with the backing on it.

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Thanks for the tut
I just did it and it worked great

edit: this should also be put in the resource sticky
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