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If you own a PSP, a wireless router, and a few other things, you can use the PSP as a wireless PC controller.

Also, please feel free to join the PSP Owners Club.


  1. A PSP with custom firmware, preferably 5.50GEN-D3
  2. A wireless router
  3. A PC (the PC itself doesn't need to connect wirelessly)
  4. Knowledge of your host PC's local IP address (run ipconfig /all)
  5. WiFiController 0.4.4 - Download
  6. PPJoy 0.75 - Download

  1. Navigate to /WiFiController-0.4.4/3.40/PSP/GAME/WiFiController and open wifi.cfg. Change the "address=" line to "address=your.local.ip.here" without the quotes (your.local.ip.here being your local IP address.)
  2. Copy the WiFiController directory to your /PSP/GAME/ folder.
  3. Install PPJoy.
  4. Go to Control Panel and click on "Parallel Port Joysticks."
  5. Click "Add..." at the bottom. On the next screen, change "Parallel Port" to "Virtual Joysticks" and click "Add."
  6. After it has added the joystick, click "PPJoy Virtual Joystick 1" in the menu. Then, click "Mapping..."
  7. Choose "Set a custom mapping for this controller" and click "Next."
  8. Set these recommended options. You may modify them if you choose, but for beginners, the following options are recommended.
    Axes = 2 (X Axis and Y Axis)
    Buttons = 9
    POV Hats = 1
    X Axis = Analog 0
    Y Axis = Analog 1
  9. Again, you may choose to set these buttons to a different value. Leaving "Button 1" set to "Nothing" is recommended, as mapping Button 1 has been reported to cause issues with the PSP's Triangle button.
    Button 1 = nothing
    Button 2 = Digital 0
    Button 3 = Digital 1
    Button 4 = Digital 2
    Button 5 = Digital 3
    Button 6 = Digital 4
    Button 7 = Digital 5
    Button 8 = Digital 11
    Button 9 = Digital 10
    Directional Button POV
    North = Digital 6
    East = Digital 7
    West = Digital 9
    South = Digital 8
  10. Repeat the previous steps to add up to a total of four joysticks.
  11. In /WiFiController-0.4.4/PC/, you will find WiFiServer.exe. If you are only using one PSP as a gamepad, you can run this file directly. However, if you will be using additional PSP unit(s), you need to run one of the batch files in the directory. Double-click the batch file for the appropriate controller. You must have a server running for each controller you wish to use. The server(s) must also be running at all times while using the PSP as a gamepad. When you are finished with the PSP gamepad(s), exit out of the server program by pressing CTRL+C or clicking the close button.
    Two players will be playing a game. You will need to start the batch files for Controllers 1 and 2. Player 1 will choose Controller 1 from WiFiController and Player 2 will choose Controller 2.
  12. Start the program on your PSP. Choose your connection and your controller. The program should say something along the lines of "Initializing..." Refer to the troubleshooting section if you encounter an error.
  13. Return to Control Panel and click on Game Controllers. Click "PPJoy Virtual Joystick 1" and choose "Properties." The following screen should show feedback from the PSP gamepad on your PC.

  • If you encounter "Error 80110601" when the program is starting, please delete your network settings for the connection that you were using. Then, reenter the data for that network and try again.

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Wish I had a psp now. Still, awesome guide! rep+
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