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tv for 360

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okay so x360 works/displays well on a hdtv. and also we know the fact that samsung is the official hdtv for x360. but then what's the best screen size for the hdtv. is it the bigger the better? what's the most appropriate size?:withstupi
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Where you need to go is Sound Advice or some place that has HDTV of all various sizes on the wall or on the floor. I spent a good hour in Sound ADivce (car audio install) and looked at about 15 HDTV of various sizes on one wall all with te same program and they all looked different.

If you get too big the color isn't as crisp as the smaller ones but if you go to small you might not be able to use it for a living room TV, maybe an office desk. The one's in the 32-42" range I thought were the best, if you go bigger the picture isn't as clear but still way better than regular digital
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