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I've been trying to find a thing where I can watch TV on my PC because I dont have a tv in my room. I finally found a website <a href="http://www.tvunetworks.com/" target="_blank">http://www.tvunetworks.com/</a>. Their channel selection isnt too big right now, but has the normal stuff like nbc and fox. They also have some cable channels like nick and comedy central. You can watch it for free right now, but I'm guessing once it gets rolling along they will make it a subscription thing.<br />
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The TVU service will premiere later this year. This new service will provide a user experience directly comparable to cable and satellite. It will feature hard-to-find special-interest TV channels, international sports, lifestyle, news, and your favorite channels from around the globe as well as user-generated content.<br />
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Unlike the typical video on your PC or IP-based TV efforts undertaken so far, TVU will offer a "TV" like experience on your PC. <b>The video quality will be equal to or better than typical digital cable channels</b> and you will be able to switch between multiple TV channels just like on a TV.

</div>Look, I'm watching spongbob on my laptop!<br />
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