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[Tweakers]CeBit09: Cooler Master introduces Techstation

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Cooler Master will release a chassis that will most likely appeal to overclockers and hardware testers. Originally designed for own use, the case allows the user to make easy changes to the motherboard and other components.

The case was designed by a German Cooler Master employee for use in their testing environment. It was originally not meant to be released, until Cooler Master decided that it had commercial value. There has been no word on pricing yet, but the chassis is supposed to be available at around May.

The motherboard will be mounted on top of the chassis using plastic stand-offs for electric isolation. The stand-offs also allow the user to quickly click the motherboard into place and makes for easy removal. At the bottom of the chassis there is room for a PSU, with the on/off and reset button located at the front. Next to the PSU there is room for an optical drive with a plug/play HDD case right above it.

This chassis cannot house RAID arrays and without an adapter bracket it is impossible to use 2.5" HDDs. It is however very useful for those that value easy access to their components.

Overall a pretty basic article and I'm somewhat surprised by the naive user comments. Tweakers and it's userbase is known for being quite knowledgable, even elitist against newcomers. Comments about inpracticality and "they should make a lid over it" are quite counter productive.

I would have liked to see a PCI-bracket though, to prevent heavy cards from bending out of shape. And depending on the retail price, this may be a nice piece of kit for folders.
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If it's priced right, that may be a good thing for someone with a few folding rigs. You're right, a PCI-e bracket is essential, though.
If it is cheap enough, I will just fab my own PCI bracket, and rattle-can it black.
But I would guess this will be ~$75
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Get rid of the plastic standoffs?

Originally Posted by DuckieHo
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Get rid of the plastic standoffs?

Actually, since they allow motherboards to be clicked onto the chassis, I think they're quite useful. Considering the fact that this was designed as a testing platform (Tech Station
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These companies making tech stations desperately need to hire Syrillian or CD for R&D.
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