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two bad power supplies?

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When I was running my computer with an Okia 420 watt max power supply my vcore was set at 1.425..and it would fluctuate between 1.382 and 1.495 and 1.450 and 1.472. Now I replaced it with an older x-max model LC-B350ATX and it's still fluctuating between different numbers but in the same ranges as the other ones. My computer was overclocked to 3.5GHz before with a divider of 3:2 and now I don't have my computer overclocked at all. Any one have any ideas. I know that I should by an antec or somethin like that with a 450 watt max or mayben even a 500...but I can't afford one right now and i'm trying to make-due with what I do have available.
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The mother board is probably at fault because as unstable the PSU will be, the motherboard will regulate the Vcore back to user define, a DFI mobo for instance.
hmm...well cpu-z was what i used to figure out how much it was fluctuating.
Yeah, your power supply is holding you back. If you've got $50, I would get the 400W Fortron Source (FSP Group) PSU I have. It's one of the SAGA series units, and is quite nice. Voltages are rock solid, and amps are pretty good. 400W is fine for your system, as your system shouldn't be drawing more than about 320W.
I wouldn't be too concerned. cpuz has a tendency to show mildly fluctuating voltages.

and I'll second the vote for the FSP psu. I have the 450w version in my HTPC it has dual 12v rails w/ 18a on each and it is rock solid so far. got it for $56. shipped from newegg.
FSP psu's are great... but the voltages will always fluctuate, u cant help that....
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