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two questions about overclocking 295gtx in quad sli

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hey guys, im new here, just wondering if you can help me out.

i currently am running two 295gtx's in quad sli and have a couple of questions regarding overclocking. Are my overclocks going to be lower then if i had just one card due to the heat caused my having the cards in sli?

Do all the Gpu's have to be the same clock speed? or do all 4 have to have the same mem, clock ect speed?

this is my first overclock with sli, never mind quad sli..so i dont really want to mess with it without knowing exactly what im doing. i was successful with older cards overclocking but dont want to ruin these cards for no reason, especially since they scream now even at stock levels..

thanks in advance..
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All the cards have to have the same clocks, but I'm not sure if clocks are hindered by being in sli
thanks..i figured that would be the case..i guess whatever the lowest stable clock speeds i would have to use for all four gpu's
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