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Two Quick SLI Questions?

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Hey guys, just had 2 questions...

1. When doing SLI after connecting SLI bridge, i plug BOTH cards' PCI-E ports correct? not just one?

2. If the 2 cards i have are the same model for insance Company A ABC2000 and Comany B ABC2000(ex: in my care 2 gtx 295's, 1 is by inno, other is EVGA) but one of the cards comes overclocked from the manufacturer... when i open a OC program, what settings will it display? the settings from the OC card or the non OC'd card? also... how would i overclock them? becuase if 1 has settings @ 1 level, and 2nd is overclocked already a little, how would that work?

a thorough explanation on question #2 would be great.
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1. Yes
2. In a situation you are overclocking with for example... EVGA Precision, it will give the choice to sync both your cards.
1 not sure what your asking but im gonna go ahead and say yes
2 the oced card will default to the clocks of the lower card.

you should be able to oc them together i think
oh alright, so if i wanted to keep the overclock on the overclocked card and jsut catch up the standard gtx295 to it, that would make them both even on the OC?
And Rivatuner automatically overclocks/underclocks both cards.
alrighty cool, thanks for the super quick responses!
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