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Two TT DuOrbs

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I had 2 TT DuOrbs for my 8800GTs, but XFX upgraded me to a GTX 275 so I have no more use for them. They have not been modified in any way, but the RAM heatsinks have already been put on and removed from the RAM. I could probably include some thermal tape to reuse the RAMsinks.

Here is an old pic:

I can get new pics as soon as I get home.

Edit: this is just the DuOrbs, no GPU included.
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Great cooler. Had one on my 8800GT way back. Blue LED's looked great too!
15-20 shipped

Originally Posted by I AM TEH LAW GIVAH View Post
15-20 shipped
25 shipped as max.
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$20 shipped without sinks
$25 shipped with sinks and thermal tape

ALSO, you must have the other set of screws to use these on ATI cards. If you don't have them, they will not work with ATI. Just a heads-up.
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I'd say $20 shipped/each maybe $35 for both. Sinks and tape is a common courtesy.
ill be interested in purchasing for $30 shipped for both ! need for 8800gt's
20 shipped each
$18 - shipped.
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