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Hi all,

Does any one of you have experience with this tubing?


I want to use it in my upcoming build it must be plastisizer free currently using Advanced LRT but heard stories that even LRT will suffer from plastisizer is this true? (i will know once i tear down my rig once the pascal gpu and broadwell-e comes out)

From my own experience i ordered some norprene my self see link and it WILL NOT have a tight seal with compression fittings i can simply pull it out with relative ease even when the nut is tightened all the way i used 1/2 x 3/4 compression fittings from Bitspower (black matt) and Koolance (black) this is why i did not used it and went with LRT.

Has any one used Hose clamps on these type of tubing i did...it seems to hold very well i used Koolance barb plus koolance clamp and the 1 meter norprene but this was just a test, then i kept it at a safe place never used it for years until today just checking the hold and it holds as day one very tight tried to pull it out...but it wont bulge even with high force unlike with compression fitting little force is needed. But i never used norprene with hose clamps in a real WC system has any one experience with it... any leaks over time? Note here not asking for feedback on hose clamps on regular pvc tubing but specific norprene tubing thx!

It still remains the true solution for plastisizer free tubing whether you use the Norprene R6016 or other norprene variants or EK-ZMT is this true???

Your feedback is welcome
Thanks in advance
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