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Ubuntu 9.04 (client) WinXP (server) and Synergy

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I'm having issues with Synergy with the setup above. When I mouse over to the Ubuntu system my cursor seems to be 'stuck' at the top left of the screen and refueses to move but a tiny smidgen before it goes back to my Windows PC. Has anyone had any luck with Ubuntu 9.04 and Synergy?
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I used to have Synergy running between an XP pc and Ubuntu PC also.
Check your monitor configuration in XP and make sure it maps the screen locations correctly.

Obviously you have it connecting, but for reference, I think I used this site to get it up and running:
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Yeah, it works with all versions of Ubuntu prior to 9.04 with ease. Perhaps the issue is that 9.04 is not 100% yet. =(
Go file a bug at launchpad.
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