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Ubuntu, [email protected], Q6600, SMP, low CPU use conundrum.

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I will preface this to say that I am not at all familiar with Linux/Ubuntu nor folding. I recently upgraded to an i7 core/GTX285 system and thought I would retire my old parts (Q6600) as a dedicated folding box. I decided on Ubuntu and SMP as I have read that Linux gets better results than does Windows or even Windows running a virtual window of Linux. My old trusty 8800GT died and as a result the Q6600 has a 8600gt generously donated to me by EclipseAudio4 (Thanks Mike). The 8600 is much slower than the Q6600 for folding but I might run a GPU thread for that if it works out to be beneficial to the cause. Here is my conundrum:

I installed Ubuntu as the stand alone OS (8.10)

Installed [email protected] 6.02 (04?)

Ran FOH6 -SMP 4 (For four cores) also put in several other command line arguements that are supposed to improve performance.

I tried various settings in the config file

I have been, and I still am, getting no more than 9-12% use out of each core! Very very slow folding. I have sought out and tried dozens of threads on several boards including our own help threads, but to no avail. I have found several that complained about slow performance with a quad but their "slow" was 80% or so...that sounds pretty good to me at this point.

So, if there are any Linux folding gurus out there I would appreciate a PM so we can discuss this dilemma.

Thank you.
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Make sure your running an actual SMP wu and not a Uniprocessor wu. The core should be either A1 or A2, you can check the log file or the actual client.
l337h4l, thank you sir, I will try that now.

Roke, I have verified that, otherwise the argument -SMP would have resulted in an error during the activation of the program, it would also result in only one core showing any activity if it had actually started in Uniprocessor mode. But that is a good point and one I did indeed worry about at first. Thank you for your input.
l337h4l, that might have worked. Using Origami my cores all show 100% usage although there is no single (or multiple) process showing up as in use. Now the problem I am having is that I cannot properly set my name in Origami. I use this: "Sudo Origami name -u Propnut -t 37726" but my name always remains "Propnut -t"
Rather annoying. I tried it without the -t and team number and yet it remains.....any ideas on how to configure origami better?
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in ubuntu it's best to run two clients on quads.
Run this for 32bit
sudo origami install -u Propnut -t 37726 -b normal -p smp

This for 64bit
sudo origami install -u Propnut -t 37726 -b normal -p amd64

After installed to start it
sudo origami start

And I think to stop it...dunno I am in XP right now and dont ever stop unless power outage
sudo origami stop

Also you can edit the config.cfg and restart the process
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l337h4l, I uninstalled (sudo origami erase) and reinstalled using your script (the amd64). It installed correctly this time and seems to be running ok. The CPU usage however is fluxuating wildly between 12% and 70% across all four cores. The scroll line in System Monitor (CPU History) looks wild, lol. I do think it is working ok though. Maybe it will settle down later. It downloaded a very good core (3065 worth 2144) but it is still too early for me to tell what the PPD is. Thank you very much for your help and I hope you will not mind if I call on you again for tips.

Edit: after 25 minutes it still reports 0% finished. (Origami monitor) and (FaHMon) Any ideas?
I know nothing about Origami, but I do know that the a1 core sucks for PPD compared to the a2 core, and Stanford has been running a LOT more a1 core WUs than a2 core WUs for the past few months.
It is working now..but it is running A0 cores...and they take 24 hours for a 225 point payout
All four cores are at 100% though. It almost makes running the Q6600 a waste. I am running my main rig (see sig) on the GTX285 alone and doing 8400+ PPD. I would really rather not run my main rig 24/7 though.
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