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Well Let me explain what I want to do

My plan is to mod my 99 civic with a touch screen and pc where the radio currently is. Now the computer will most likely be located in the trunk or somewhere else and will be a mini-ATX AMD 64 X2 (that is the compy that I have laying around). So with the 7" touch screen in front and the computer located wherever this is my issue. I plan to use a Linux OS and so have been searching and experimenting with many distros. Of course the one I am most familiar with is Ubuntu so I would like to stay with it if possible. I did happen to stumble across this gem http://www.ubuntu.com/products/mobile, and was really impressed with the GUI on the clutter. Now this is my issue, I can't find this certain GUI anywhere! Places where the site says the image may be found leads me to just a 404 page. I've played with the UNR but thats just it, this is going in a car and doing just the basic of things, I don't want it to be a netbook, just a simple media center type gui like the pictures in the link. I also understand that the MID is for the low power atom procs and such but I'll be running a full pc in the car.

I hope this makes sense cause I am just frustrated and tired, any help or clarification would be much appreciated.
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