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Ubuntu on USB drive?

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I'm looking to put a build of ubuntu on my 4GB flash drive so i can use the school computers without taking 20minutes to log into the network.

Found this guide, would it work or is there an easier way? I don't need/want an install option, just for it to boot into ubuntu.

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As was said before, http://www.pendrivelinux.com/ is a great resource. I had Ubuntu 7.10 on a 1gb flash drive for EXACTLY the same purpose you are looking to do. To be honest, the flash drive was fast enough and the portability was awesome. OOo came with the distro and was part of the install. As far as the process to make an Ubuntu flash drive, it is easy. You just make 2 partitons, one of which is for the live CD files to be coppied to and the other to be the persistent partition. It took me all of 20 minutes just to make it. Also with 4gb you have more than enough space left to store files.

In fact, I think I might make a new one right now!
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