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UD3P and E7400 weird problem

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Solved. = PSU
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Your PSU may be an issue, but I doubt it.

If you suspect your system isn't performing as it should, run a benchmark to compare.

As far as your ET6, etc, concerns. I don't have a clue.
Ok so, I founded why my system was slow. The card reader was plugged into the usb slot but it was not recognized. I just unplugged and plugged back and now everything is as before, windows is recognizing card reader, except this thing with manually setting values in bios.

here is what I got with 1.38 bios and 1.344 cpuz. If i try 500 FSB in bios it just quit to work.
If I use ET6 in windows I am able to go to 525 FSB.

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nice OC! what kind of temps are you at?
I am siting at 62 with OCCT, but this is not where I am 24/7.

VID is 1.225
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