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Ud3p + q9550 $250

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I saw this ridiculous deal at fry's today, but decided I didn't want to throw out the money for it, either way, I noticed in the paper that they were selling a Q9550 and a GA-EP45-UD3P for $250 after a $20 mail in rebate. Thought if you lived in Houston or your frys had this deal, you might want to pick it up. Heck, if you give me the money for it, i'll buy it and ship it to you.
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Great deal but certainly not the best.
They had i5 750+P55 UD3R for$200 or $220 AR few weeks ago.
Actually it's a pretty even deal than that as you can get the i5 and ud3r for $340 shipped at newegg right now, and you can get the UD3P and Q9550 for $369 AR at newegg.
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