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UD3R build failure

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I built a buddy a rig about 2 months ago and get a phone call from him about 15 mins. ago.
His son was on it and he smelled burned plastic and the computer shuts off.
It doesn't restart, no activity. I'm going to visit him tomorrow to check it out.

What component dies and smells like burning plastic?

His rig:
Gigabyte P45-UD3R
Powercolor 4850
Corsair 650TX
Seagate 7200.12 sata drive.
Samsung DVD-RW
GSkill 2x2 pc6400 PiBlack

To me it sounds like the 8pin to the mobo or possibly the psu. What are your guesses.
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check psu since it is plastic, only other thing that has a good chance of going out is mobo. Maybe video card too, nothing else will burn out afaik.
Friend says it won't do anything if he tries to turn it on. That most likely scratches out the video card possibility. I've seen a 4pin socket burn up on a DS3L mobo.

I just hate to think a Corsair 650TX would fail, don't hear about that often.
oh man, this sucks :/
sounds like a psu problem, but i've never heard of a corsair psu dying, but it happens!
I'm thinking psu as well. Looks like I'll visit with a spare psu for him to hold him over. I hope Corsair RMA's are more efficient than Asus's (26 days and counting for vga RMA).
PSU... There is enough electricity in there, where if it were to fail, it would smell like burning plastic...
Confirmed, Corsair 650TX power supply failure.
Motherboard is fine.

Pulled the system apart, tested the psu with the green and black pins jumped, no psu fan spin-up. Replaced the 650TX with a temporary Thermaltake 430W psu and system runs fine (using only 4pin vs. mobo 8pin to cpu power).

RMA time. Haven't seen or heard of any of these psu's going down before. I'll report Corsair RMA timeframe in the psu section.

Anyway, glad to know the UD3R mobo is safe and running (friends rig). Thumbs up from him as he's gaming some more.
wow... contact corsair. they have a very good RMA procedure and someone once told the story of their PSU tanking and corsair replacing the entire system

look for bluebeard of hexus.co.uk and overclockers.co.uk's forums. he's a very good guy and very helpful.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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