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[UK] Loads of stuff #2

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Back again

Coolermaster Cosmos S

Hard drive cage modded for reverse mount, 2 weeks old and still has protective covering on most of it.


Jeantech Absolute 1000watt Modular PSU

The sleave on the 24pin ATX connector has been cut to allow me to spread the cables out a bit to make fitting the side panel on easier. Sata cable needs rebuilding, other then it's fine.

Read some reviews, it's actually a very good PSU


2x 320Gb Hitachi Deskstar HDD's

I run these in RAID 0 and get good performance for the money.

Both boxed

Laing DDC 18w Ultra

Nothing to say really, it's a pump.

XSPC Laing DDC Resvervoir pump top

Again, it's the pump top for the DDC


XSPC Delta V3 CPU Block

Good CPU block, comes with original mount that supports all sockets as well as a dedicated black 775 mount. Also has socket 775 back playe to stop motherboard flex.

4Gb OCZ Blade 1066Mhz

These are NOT the low voltage DIMM's

I have them overclocked to 1158Mhz on stock timing and voltage of 5-5-5-15 @ 2.2v


Pentium Dual Core E6300

Agin, it's a CPU. Does 3.6Ghz Linx stabe with 1.4Vcore and 3.8Ghz with abit more Vcore.

Boxed with unused Intel heak sink.

7x Xigmatek Black and Orange fans

You know the ones, those sexy beats

Missing some Molex adaptors.

Boxes for all 7.

BenQ G2220HD 22" Monitor

Few months old, well looked after, no dead pixels that I can see.

VGA and DVI inputs, HDCP compliant


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your only aloud to bump once every 24 hours.
i need that XSPC Laing DDC Resvervoir pump top
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