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Ultra-d settings help!!

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Ok guys im really confused with this mobo theres so many settings and everytime i try to do sumting it wont let me boot up. so far the only settings i have touched is the dram instead of auto im using a 1:1 divider since i have this memory http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16820231019
and what settings do i need to increase my vcore to 1.5v?

Please help!!!
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With everything set to stock settings, the ram should run at 200Mhz. The same speed as the FSB. Are you running a divider other than 1:1 or a half CPU multiplier? That's the only way I can think that the Ram speed should be that low.

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Im not sure if im doing this right but i gave memtest a try fsb 310multi X9 dram 200 1:1 Vdimm 2.9v stock timings 2.5 4 4 8 so far im at 310 5 passes no error unless im doing sumting wrong.. am i suppose to go thru the entire loop? and only on test 5? or after passes i jump to the next test?
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