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For sale is an Ultra X3 1000W power supply. It is in good condition. It comes with all the original cables and in the original packaging.

This is a fully modular power supply. Note that this power supply comes with a nice, shiny finish. Given it is used, there are minor blemishes on the finish, the vast majority of which you cannot see unless you have a light shining directly onto the power supply and at the correct angle (similar to the finish on a car). There is a scratch along the side that may be visible when you are close enough regardless of light (it is shown in the attached picture in the top half of the power supply face shown). I have taken a picture in the worst possible light and attached it in the interest of full disclosure, though even my extremely picky self was able to deal with these blemishes without issue. Additionally, while this is a beefy 1000W power supply, I would not push it to its absolute limits consistently given its age (7+ years, but zero problems with it). You can find a review from Johnny Guru on the power supply here:

Price is set at $80 $65 plus shipping, including insurance, or best offer. (Note that due to the weight and size of a PSU, about 1/3 of that cost is shipping and insurance.) Paypal only, please. Once payment has cleared, I will ship the item and send you the tracking information.
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