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I have an AMD A6 3400M CPU. The laptop is an Acer Aspire 5560.

Some info about the laptop:

6GB of ram (not that it matters for OC)
AMD Radeon HD 6520G Graphics
K12 Chipset

Some info about the CPU:

Series AMD A-Series
Codename Llano
Clock Rate 1400 - 2300 MHz
Level 2 Cache 4096 KB
Number of Cores / Threads 4 / 4

It is normally clocked at 1400MHz and one core can boost up to 2.3GHz for a brief time.

I have tried to overclock with both AMD OverDrive and K10 stat without success...

After OCing to 2.3GHz, the performance seems to be the same, while AMD overDrive only allows to OC to 1.5GHz.

To be clearer: In CPU Z and K10 stat, it shows the cores at 2.3GHz so it appears as if I have OC but there is no change in performance.

I think that the laptop has an upper limit for the CPU so it wont allow OCing.

Any clues on how I can remove the limit?

Thanks for your help.

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I have a similar machine albeit a Lenovo (Z575). Exactly the same APU (A6-3400m) but it has a discreet gpu as well (6650M). Using k10stat it is really easy to o/c this through the unlocked multiplier. I can take the base [email protected] to [email protected] perfectly stable (prime95 and BF3 alike). Temperatures are in perfect check cause I am undervolting while overclocking - worst case scenario is bf3 which takes all four cores and the 6650m at 95%+ usage and temps around 77 celsius for the gpu and 80 for the cpu (tops). The cpu does go up even further in frequency but it needs more volts and that increases heat in BF3 beyond to what I find acceptable. Can play planetside 2 at 2.3Ghz base without hassle though.

My BF3 profile is:

B0 2000 0.9875
P0 2000 0.9875
P1 1300 0.9125
P2 1200 0.9000
P3 1100 0.8875
P4 1000 0.8750
P5 900 0.8625
P6 800 0.8500

From what I've seen, my cpu seems capable to go on with lower voltage than average, pretty good undevolter. You may need a bit more for it to be stable. And no, k10stat is no placebo, it does overclock the chip. You just need to keep in mind that p0 is what you are looking at, b0 is the turbo state.
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