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OKay. this is my second mod...and the second on this case. i orginally painted it balck, and put a ghetto window on it.. since then i have done a lot..(probably about 20+ hrs and a few weekends.. My theme is underwater.. haven't got a name for the project.. but i open to suggestions well, here it goes:

Here are a few pictures of my computer before the mod.

the main chassis and top of case still on..

this is everything pretty much..(notice the ugly window i put in the side panel =P w/e)

this is another view of the front of the chassis before some dremeling =] (and yes i have a 360)

First thing first, i got a few ideas and drew some stuff down...

THen next i sanded everything and cut a few things that i was getting ready to repaint. After about 10 or 12 hours of sanding and dremeling, and going to the store and buying some more tips for my dremel.... i took a few pictures.

this is the new and improved side panel...got rid of the little window hole.

the thing you will notice about this picture is on the front panel there is no fan hole/port.. i noticed after i painted that i forgot to cut the hole for the fan..so i had to resand it and then cut the hole and repaint it...(it sucked =[)

notice on this one the chassis no long hads those metal fronts ( i cut them off for space for the fan.)

Next i painted everything...waited a while..and painted again. here are a few pictures..but they don't do justice..the paint is so smooth and reflects. i'll take more pictures at the end in better light and you'll see the true color

this is the front panel after i cut the fan whole and painted it with the first coat...its still wet...

these are some case fans.. i painted the wires green to look like seaweed..

just some more pictures of repainted stuff.

I continued to repainted everything and started to put it together..

This is the side panel, once i put the plexiglass in( i couldn't find the type with bubbles in it to go with the theme =[)

i put the window on the side panel (as you'll notice , i painted EVERY screw)

Here are a few pictures of the case almost completely together sans the actually computer =]

this side view shows a lot of my work.
as you'll notice i put a top window with bubly plexiglass
i finished the main window
painted all screws and the entire case, inside included.

this is my favorite picture so far..shows almost all my work the front panel, with the new fan hole, and the fan.
all the painting i've done and my windows.

these pictures show the back work. it looks like theres paint missing, but its not really, ill try to get pictures that show other wise. also notice the pci slots on the case, i love the striped look, and will probably be painting my 6800 little slot thing green to match.