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Unidentifiable Motherboard!

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i went into my local computer shop and asked for a 3200+ AMD 64 about 9months ago, didnt worry about the mobo, but now i cant tell what it is, so im slightly screwed for Oc'in

its blue
there are no name/branding/model information on it
got 4 DDR slots (2x dark purple)(2xLight Purple)
Its got a little chip with Winbond on it
its got phoenix bios
its a 939 skt
and its AGP

apart from that, i cant tell you much more, lookin on the net, most of the gigabyte mobo are blue, but that still dont mean it is, right?

if you need anymore info ill try my best to get it for you......
..........thanks in advance


p.s. this heatsink is also on it, as i know they differ, i dont know if it helps?
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Go to www.cpuid.com and download cpu-z. Run the program and click on the tab labelled "Mainboard." That will tell you the manufacturer and model of your motherboard, as well as other handy information.
Probably a Chaintech...

Your board sir!
Behold the power of Google and CPU-Z...
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thats what i got, can get anything off there from cpu-z and it still doesnt say the manufacturer or model
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