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I just installed transcode360 today, beause i wanted to stream divX to my xbox 360, but it doesnt work and i am now having trouble removing it. Im going to try to provide as much info as possible.

Version: Transcode360 4.6 beta
OS: Windows Vista Ultimate x64 SP2

SO, when i try to uninstall it, i get the error "Please stop the transcode360 service before trying to uninstall it." I go into task manager. THere is n process, only a service. I locate it and find it is already turned off, yet when i try to uninstall again, it gives me the same error code. When i look further into the error log, I see that the transcoding and broadcasting service needs to be turned on, for the program to uninstall. I go and turn it on, because Transcode360 disables this process. When i start up the Transcoding and Broadcasting service, the Transcode360 service starts back up.

After turning on the transcoding and broadcasting service, i look in the error log and see that it sucessfully turned off the transcoding and broadcasting service, but then the error was that the Transcode360 process was still going. I look in task manager, and clearyly see that this process has stopped.

I am really stuck here and im not sure if there is even way out of this. Mabye deleting registry entries made by the program?

My thoughts:

-I think the Transcode360 process might be overriding the Transcoding and Broadcasting service, and thats why i dont see the transcoding and broadcasting service in task manager, but i do see it when editing services.

-This might be removeable by registry entries because it is overriding the service and that should be in the registry (correct me if i'm wrong).

Transcoding and Broadcasting on (Which also turns on transcode360):

Transcoding and broadcasting off Which turns off transcode360):

So this seems like an unsolvable problem. To uninstall you have to A. Have transcode360 turned off and B. have Transcoding and Broadcasting on. When i turn Transcoding and broadcasting on, transcode360 turns on and vice versa.
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