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Been ordering one of these small Netbooks/Hybrid's/Two in ones, or what ever they are called nowadays.
It's was designed as low-cost, children's school computer, but never heard of any schools handing them out to pupils in Sweden)
Are they more used in other countries?

Had to buy it from a seller of second hand IT-hardware. So I guess it's from a few years back, the computer are unused "a shelf warmer".


Been looking for a long time for a Linux tablet (that can run a desktop distro (preferable Linux Mint)) and programs in windows when preferred.
Guess I'm in for some struggles to get Linux on it.
But it should be possible and hopefully Linux kernal 4.13 and beyond, supports the hardware better than previous like pre 4.4 kernals.

Hope to have it home by Tuesday next week.
My intentions are to use it as a kitchen computer, mainly surfing (recipe's and more) and for music.

Any ideas or opinions please feel free to post.
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