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Unknown CD scratch. L4D. Cannot load main menu...

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Does anyone know of a way to repair "scratches" on discs? My L4D disc has some and I don't know why my xbox gave it to it... I didn't scratch it and no one else uses my copy what so ever...

Brand new to... Misplaced receipt...


- Le_Loup
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Like so? It's worked for me before...
But how serious is it? Photos?
EDIT: And is it a cd or a dvd?
Try loading it onto your HDD, and then seeing if it'll work. That's the only way I got my RE5 to stay working.
I'd take it to your local music shop and have them buff it out with a specialized machine. Its like 5 to 10 dollars and it works just dandy. Best thing, if it didn't work, you can return it for a rebuff for free. Or at least thats what they do with my place.
I bought Madden for my brother but the DVD didn't work, so I buffed it and it was a cheap but welcomed present. YMMV
How's this for a pic? I took pic with a 10mp camera by fuji film. s1000fd

*edit* I think it's a dvd, it's a 360 game, L4D, so i'd presume dvd for how much they have in it*

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Might sound a bit odd, but toothpaste and a toothbrush does wonders. Just make sure to do it gently
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i've seen people use toothpaste on scratched DVDs!!I got my crysis DVD to work through this method!!
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It looks like your 360's laser diode got to close to the DVD, you really just laser etched it man. Toothpaste did not work when my GoW disc did that, maybe you will be lucky.
That's what disks look like when the console is running and you rotate it from sitting flat to standing up.

Honestly, there is not much to do. If that is what happened then the scratch is deep, and the only thing to do is get a new one.

You can try to install it to your HDD but it will most likely fail.

These scratches are too deep to have any small method to fixing it like toothpaste.

If you moved the console when it was running then that's the cause and these small fixes aren't going to fix it.

Sorry man :/
Well put Halifax, I ruined countless games on the 360 like that, never happend on the PS2/PS1
Only makes me miss it more.
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My original Xbox did that to a bunch of my games before it finally went and I had to send it back to MS, do the same for your 360, might be time to send it in and let them fix the drive.
Yeah, I had a copy of the orange box and I tilted the Xbox 360 from horizontal to vertical while it was running the game, and it made an awful noise. When I opened the DVD tray it did the same thing to your L4D disk. doh!
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