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Hi, first post here. I've managed to OC my CPU thanks to this site. Now I want to do something about that 32mb onboard video I've been stuck with. I need a low-end $100 or less video card (tight budget unfortunately) that can play older games like BF1942 and some of the newer games but at low-medium settings. I'm ok with playing BF2 on low as long as it is playable, for example. For something like HL2 I was hoping to be able to play it on medium. My motherboard has AGP (not PCI-e). I have a strong preference for a fanless board due to the noise.

I was considering either a Sapphire 9550 256mb 128 bit modded to 9600pro, or a Gigabyte 6200 256mb 128bit modded hopefully to 6600. I'm leaning towards the 6200>>6600 due to the benchmarks I'm seeing online.

The one I am specifically considering is the Gigabyte GV-N62256D GeForce 6200 256MB 128BIT DDR AGP Slient LP VGA DVI-I HDTV-OUT Video Card. I can get it for about $85 US (I'm in Canada).

The big question before I buy for anyone who has one or knows about this model: will I be able to unlock the extra pipes to make is a 6600?
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