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Unlocking AMD Cores - How To and What Dangers?

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OK, if an AMD 8-core opteron running at 2.0 GHz is really two 6-cores with a total of 4 cores disabled,

1) What is the way to unlock those 4 cores and have a 12 core? (I know it has been done on lesser core chips)

2) There are many reasons why the Opteron 8 and 12 cores run at only 2.0 GHs (compared to a 3.0-3.2 Phenom). Is one of the reasons they run at such a slow speed the fact that those 8 cores could contain disabled cores (4) that failed ASUS' testing?

Note: My first post on OCN so please forgive if I breached protocol.
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Pretty sure you aren't going to get ACC unlocking on a server board.
Thanks beers. So are you saying that unlocking a 2-core, for example, to yield a 4-core is limited to Phenom desktop CPU's with Opteron server chips being impossible?

Originally Posted by incurablegeek View Post
Thanks beers. So are you saying that unlocking a 2-core, for example, to yield a 4-core is limited to Phenom desktop CPU's with Opteron server chips being impossible?

Correct, for the most part no server boards will have ACC since Opterons don't support ACC.
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A bit off my topic so please forgive.

Phenom II X 6 is 3.2 GHz (not overclocked) and Opteron X 8 is a mere 2.0 GHz (not overclocked).

Wouldn't the Opteron run slower and hence be an unwise upgrade over the Phenom if one is not using the Opteron in a server?
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Yes it will run slower, especially in single threaded apps. Very few apps will use more than 1 core. Some games will use multiple cores. I believe some rendering and CAD app also use multiple cores.
Thanks to beers, LethalRise750 and Mimart7. You guys saved me a lot of money and disappointment.

While it is true that most programs utilize only a single core, I tend to run multiple programs simultaneously such that I have seen all 6 cores being used.

My record for converting DVD rips is 5 - and then the programs locked up - so I don't know if that was a program conflict or what; 4 is possible however while doing other work as well.
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My 770-G45 cost $90 when I bought it.
Its held stable overlocks of my X3 @ 3.7Ghz, and now with its built in unlock 4th core feature, AAC ability and some fine tuning by yours truly, I know have a fully tested and stable quad core.

Your temps are the #1 concern.
My X4 temps @ 3.5Ghz are exactly the same when it was X3 @ 3.6Ghz.

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OK, you older and wiser
have satisfied my curiosity about trying to have "money for nothing and kicks for free" by unlocking the disabled cores of an 8 core Opteron.

So that I might repay the favor, I found the following over at Tom's Hardware (which I don't or should not trust?):


-and the conclusion-


Keep in mind that adding cores makes overclocking harder, especially if the chip still employs 45 nm manufacturing.

What’s more interesting, though, is power efficiency. Performance per watt isn’t ideal at AMD’s 3.2 GHz stock speed. We found that a slight overclock to 3.4 or 3.6 GHz doesn’t require much voltage increase, nor does it change system idle power. But it does provide a decent performance bump at peak load, which has the processor deliver more overall performance per watt. The side effect is that the six-core Phenom II X6 will then always be faster than the Phenom II X4 965 at 3.4 GHz. Surely, you can't lose there.
It appears that my AMD 6-Core, for example, would benefit only slightly, but would still benefit (according to TH) by a slight overclock.

A bit depressing news but then you guys at OCN would know best 'bout that.

As I'm sure you all know, OCN is an extraordinary group full of extraordinary people. About that Two-Cables was correct.
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