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Unstable in games p2

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My 3.0 is clocked @ 3.71 . It doesn't get too hot. And is surviving 3 hours of toast.exe (double cause of the HT) and never locks up in windows, but when I play STEAM games, the game freezes, my pc isn't, but the game is. I still hear my clanmates at ventrilo. And can go to windows, but the game is stuck...

To high overclock ?
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Your Manual:


You will notice a page in your bios that is called, "MB Intelligent Tweaker (MIT)"

Set the the "Robust Graphics Booster" to Disable
Set the "PCI-E Frequency to CPUl" to 100MHz


I did not find those things in my BIOS. The only thing I could do was the Robust Graphics booster. From turbo to auto ... But the PCI-E thing wasn't in my bios. I don't have the Duo Pro, I have the normal board
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You can not lock your PCI-e or PCI bus? That would mean that you have a floating PCI-E frequency and this will raise PCI-E bus along with your fsb and could easily cause the discreet graphics card to hang on gaming.

and the solution is ?
To check and make sure your PCI-E frequency is or isn't locked, download clockgen from www.cpuid.com.

This should work on your system, and will tell you what frequency the PCI-E is at. If it's over 100, something is wrong.

Let me know if it does or doesn't work.
Where should it be ? With the clocks screen ? because there are only 3 values , CPU FSB RAM...
That's unusual to not see it. Do you have clockgen configured correctly?
I just opened the exe ... nothing To configure ?

edit rofl, didn't read the manual, my bad, but now to find that damn PLL ;X

my mobo isn't there, I have 8I915P .. Intel chipset ..
nope, can't find it, it doesn't support 915P ...
Exactly what motherboard model is it?
Gigabyte 8I915P Duo

Try systool. It may not support it either...yet.

I don't think its your pci-e frequency...but I have been wrong in the past.
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doesn't support it. Damn
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Is it one of these?

Everyone of them has a setting called "PCI-E Frequency to CPU". You need to open your box and look for the exact model and revision number.

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yeah, putted that from atuo to ASYNC (fixed frequency of 100)

will this have an influence on my games ? fps etc..

btw rep+ for u both
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What was it at before you changed it to ASYNC?

As for performance, it shouldn't make much if any difference. Maybe 1-2 fps on a bad day.
I agree, it will not make much if any difference in system performance but will bring it back into spec and might be the main reason for your lockups.

It would be set to Auto if not ASYNC and will concurrently raise with the fsb via AUTO Sync. This means that your spec for PCI-E was quite a bit out. My math could be wrong but I think you were around 120MHz on the PCI-E with a 240fsb.

Are you still locking up?

lockups arround 1 - 2 seconds, this COULD be because of my onboard soundcard.... I have read things about that ... but I had lockups of +- 30 seconds, these are gone, ty

and it was PCI-E to CPU frenquency
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