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Unstable OC

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I have come to the conclusion that my ram isn't stable. I've got it clocked down to 800mhz and the timings are 6-6-6-20 1.7v what should I do?
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Have you run memtest86+ on them yet? When testing set them to rated speed.
I'm running memtest right now, I usually run test # 5 on a loop it's passed 10 loops already no errors
I test my CPU with OCCT regular and Prime95 small ffts. No errors, and then when I run blend test I get a reboot after 5-10 minutes of running it. Blend tests , tests CPU and RAM right is there anything else it stresses?
Why are you so worried about synthetic stability test? Just run a game for a few hours and surf the web. No shenanigans = stable. Running everything except prime95 on blend mode isn't so bad. I have a feeling that some stock systems wouldn't fair better.
I'm trying to OC to higher speeds. 3.7 right now, I upped the RAM Voltage in BIOS and so far 30 minutes into Blend Test no reboot yet. Gonna wait another 30 before I hit the sack.

If I become stable at

3.762ghz 1.52v v core
1:2 RAM 800mhz 6-6-6-20-1T

that means I can try for higher speeds!

Originally Posted by dixson01974
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Try vcore at 1.55v.

shouldn't it be the ram voltage that I should bump up?
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