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up and running

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So I got my 260gtx's up and running and all seems well so far. As soon as the mounting bracket for my cpu block gets here i'll start the smp client. The stock cooler that came with the chip SUCKS more than anything has ever SUCKED before! I put the tim on it and had high temps so I reset it a few times without much diffrence. So i desided to test somthing out. I spread the tim on the hsf in stead of a small line and set it then pulled it off and guess what! it only left tim on the edges of where the hsf sits and the center of the cpu was clean. those plastic push pins don't hold it down very well.
What's the best way to fold on the i7? 1 smp client or 2, or should i use linux? I saw a post that tells you how to uses vmware and run like 4 clients for the i7 on it is that the best bet?
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Glad to hear that your GPU's are up and folding.
As far as the i7 I don't know, sorry.
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I have my i7 running error10's vmware app, it is unbelievably simple. The app only runs on two cores per instance. I have HT disabled and am running 2 instances. I tried four with HT on but it took forever to finish WU's, but you can do it if you want to.
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