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Update: Internet downloads stalling on W7

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Pretty much any DL is stalling on W7 64 bit Pro. I have been able to DL one file out of 10 so far. I found a thread here: http://social.answers.microsoft.com/...e-53c5ea79ac0b where others are having the issue. And i did instal the 64 bit Intel Pro Connect drivers for the gigabit ethernet. That didnt help. DLs stalled before the install of the drivers and still stall after. Anyone here have a solution or idea or workaround? At this point just about ready to go back to XP. Also Bonjour is not running (havent yet installed Itunes). Stalling occurs in both IE 32 and 64 bits. Also DLs stall in FF 32 bit. Finally managed to get that DL'd - it several tries to DL FF 32 bit.
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Have you tried both wireless and wired?
i would start here http://www.speedtest.net/ and see if youre getting your connection speed. let us know if its on par

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i would start here http://www.speedtest.net/ and see if youre getting your connection speed. let us know if its on par
Speeds are what they should be under XP SP3 32 bit. I am on ATT DSL BTW. But on W7 i get a burst of speed around 170-190 KB/sec and then it drops of precipitously. Downloads are fine on XP but on W7 Pro 64 bit it gets part of the way and then just stops ( i watch the green progress indicator just sit) - sometimes i get a connection timed out message or connection with server was reset message.

Problem is exactly what the others are experiencing int he thread i linked to inthe first post.
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Downloads are working again
: but keep fingers crossed
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More on the problem:
I figured out what at least in general is causing the problem. I reinstalled W7. After reinstallation i installed all my software again. Downloads working at this point. After the software i insatlled the 7 or 8 needed windows updates. After the updates i noticed downloads stalling. Uninstalled the updates, rebooted, and downloads no are not stalling. I just dont know which update it was or if was the group.
If anyone else is still having problems with downloads stalling etc., try to disable IPv6 or IPv4 (whatever isn't being used) in your wireless/wired connection options:

1. Go to the Network and Sharing Center in the Control Panel.
2. Click on your current internet connection (next to where it says Connections).
3. In the box that pops up, take note of the connectivity of IPv4 and IPv6. Note which one isn't being used (if both are being used, this method may not help you). Click the Properties button down the bottom of the window.
4. In the properties list, find the protocol (IPv4 or IPv6) that wasn't being used and uncheck it. This will disable it from interfering.
5. Click Okay in the properties window and close the status window.
6. Check the condition of your downloads; if it still stalls, restart windows and check again. If it is still stalling after this, you will need to try another method.

I say this because after disabling the (unused) IPv6, my downloads and internet have been much more stable (I haven't noticed a single instance of stalling).
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