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Update list for build logs mandatory

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I love looking at peoples work and what they can do with their craftsmanship and imaginations. I love to see long logs where people go into lost of detail with their builds/mods. My only complaint is when they don't make a list of updates. Say you come across a build log like Eurofix's Project Firefight (Great mod) which has 88 pages and counting. My only complaint is that unless you've been following the thread and subscribed since the beginning, you would have 88 pages to dig through look for updates and picture of his work. Not fun.

I would like to use CattleRustlers Greenie-Poo build log as an example of what I'm trying to talk about.

This way if anyone comes across his build log when searching something or just digging through old build logs they don't have to dig through loads of pages to find updates of his great work. They can simply click each update link and review the progress.

Don't get me wrong I love the modding community to death here and I'm ridiculously jealous, but faced with task of searching through 50 pages of posts for progress is daunting.

Thanks very much for reading this and I'm open to other peoples opinions

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