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*Update* Need multi-gpu suggestions.

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I really like the Asus 21.5 monitor. Will three 5870s/5970s be overkill for one monitor like that? I'm trying to decide between crossfire and trifire mobos. I had a UD3P RMAd but I'd like to try that board again. Thx.

I won't be making another build till next year sometime, so I'm in no rush to get the first batch of dx11s.

*Update* What I'm considering...

Asus 21.5 : http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16824236067

Gigabyte MA770T-UD3P : http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16813128392

Mushkin Blacklines DDR3 1600 : http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16820146871

Phenom x4 955 BE Deneb : http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16819103674

... and the Sapphire 5870/5850.
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I say 2 5870s will be plenty of power. Hell, even a single 5870 would be good.
wait what!

21.5" is a 1680x1050 monitor, no?

A single 5770 would be more than enough for most situations, and a single 5850 would probably have you maxing even Crysis w/ all the extra eyecandy.

Yeah, that's mega overkill.

if you were on a 2560x1600 30" I'd recommend a 5970 or 5870 CF, but not 1680x1050.

A single 5870 will be much more than overkill. You'll probably be able to apply heavy SSAA to even new titles w/ that much overkill.
Does the streaming in the new 5 series take the need for the i series processors out of the equation? I was just going to get a Q9400. Sorry, I've been away awhile. *Feels like he's asking noob questions.* I know the memory would easily be overkill on one card, but was unsure about the processing units.
If you're doing video conversion, it can. But unless you're doing a bunch of rendering(or benching) AMD would be the way to go for games.
If you've got that much to spend on GPUs like that you definitely aren't going to want to skimp on your CPU. AMD has a lot of GREAT price/performance offerings. I've also seen some holiday season deals on LGA1156 and LGA1366 based combos.
Only thing I can think utilizing the i7s would be if I decided to incorporate my laptop and desktop into DJing, but at this point I don't have a need for two computers running. Maybe when my sets get more elaborate.

I've also thought about switching to AMD. Thx guys.
Considering you most likely won't keep that monitor forever, go with more power. (2) 5850/5870's in CF should do nicely.
You can go 5770 CF it is about = to 1 5870.
I've heard the Phenom x4s are having issues with DDR3 memory. Is that something to consider?
I haven't heard of them having problems with DDR3.
PhenomII x4 have no problem with DDR3. Just mobo and DDR3 conflict like my mobo don't like my memory.
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