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i always wanted to stick fancy stickers and decals on my case.

decals of my fav F1 team,band(pink floyd),hardware mfc. etc.

i mailed a few hardware manufacturers and till now i only recieved badges from GSkill :\

i ve heard OCZ,asus send badges,but i dont have their HW :p

so heres what i am going to do

i searched for logos of various companies and found some logos as vector art(which is what i wanted.

the rest of the 'non-logo' designs i traced in illustrator.

Took prints on Glossy Photo Paper.

photos are attached.

What you need:

1.Photo editing software and the designs n logos in vector or good quality jpeg/png/gif.

2.Photo paper A4 size and inkjet printer.

3.Lamination equipment(if u own it,good.I got it done from a store that had the equipment)

4.Knife or cutter with a very sharp tip.

5.Black markers/sharpie.

6.Strong paper adhesive(super glue or just glue will do)

7.A4 size sticker paper.Like this.

8.Steady hands,patience and a computer case :p

Step1: Get all the logos,designs,etc. that u want in digital format(preferably vector,but good quality jpeg will do)

This site has a good database of logos.

Step2: Use a photo editing software(i used adobe photoshop) and place them all on an A4 size document(as A4 prints are easily available).make sure u have the correct size for the logo and designs by using print preview and zooming it to print size.

Step3: Print this on a thick glossy photo paper as shown below.Thinner papers will look cheap according to me.

Step 4 onwards in the next post.

the clear resin or clear epoxy will give me that embossed look(that is if i do it very carefully and properly)

currently experimenting with different combinations of resin/clear glue and stuff like that.

once i get the right material,will make badges of of these and post photos :)

hopefully it wont go to waste :)




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Now i tried various transparent materials like epoxy,various resin adhesive,etc. but it was very difficult to work with it on bigger surfaces.

Step4: Hence i laminated the whole print out of the photopaper.

Alter that i cut them out with a sharp tipped cutter.



Step5: After cutting them out as shown above,i used a thick tipped black permanent marker/sharpie and carefully blacken the white edges of the photo paper.



Cut out more stickers and do the same as above with the black marker.


Step6: For this step u will need an A4 sized sticker paper(its a blank white A4 sized sticker which u can write/draw stuff on)

apply some glue/adhesive on the laminated cutouts and stick them on the sticker paper.



Once the properly stuck on the sticker paper,cut it out with a cutter/knife.


Now we have a laminated,glossy sticker that doesnt look cheap :)





Will do the rest of the stickers later.gotta finish my weeks assignments :\

If any1 has any suggestions,tips please do let me know.

P.S.: I am aware that many sites sell such case badges and some even print them in whatever design you tell them to,but as i live in india,shipping those here is really expensive!more than US$20 for a standard envelope of case badges worth US$10!bad deal i say!and here in India the printers make more money off bult printing orders,so there is no way they will print n make 5-10 stickers for me.

Hope this helps at least one person :)

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Originally Posted by shnur View Post

This is a very interesting approach! I will take a look into this! I think the main advantage is that you can have bigger/smaller stickers along with custom sized ones.

Thanks :)
that was the whole point of this :) any freakin sticker/badge you want!

Originally Posted by Tropic55 View Post

I think you should sell me a Pink Floyd transparent sticker
haha!if u live in india,i could mail it to you for free :D

not sure how much it costs to ship to snooky land :p

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More stickers/badges!


OCN case badge :)



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Good idea for something, but man that case looks tacky with all of those stickers. Reminds me of high school lockers, or girls notebook.

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Originally Posted by Demented View Post

Good idea for something, but man that case looks tacky with all of those stickers. Reminds me of high school lockers, or girls notebook.
i know,they can be easily removed along with the glue residue:)

just stuck them to take the photo.
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