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I'm thinking of upgrade from my old gtx260. I read lots of reviews, but I'm not sure what to do.

My priorities are power consumption, temperature and low noise. Performance isn't that important for me. I play mainly StarCraft2 and occasionally Crysis2, Portal and other source engine games. ( maybe Crysis3 in the future)
And I have 24" monitor 1920x1200.

I'm looking at these cards:

- Sapphire HD7870 XT = 200€
- ASUS HD7870 DCII TG = 208€
- ASUS GTX660-DC2T-2GD5 = 198€

What I know:

- 7870XT performs almost as good as the 7950 (270€), has great performance for price. But what about noise, temperature and power consumptions?

- 7870 has good OC and idle power consumption, but I read something about blackscreen and other problems.

- gtx660 ... I'm not sure about performance. In one review it is faster than the hd7870, in another it's slower than the 7850.

So I need advice, which one have the best low noise/power consumption/ performance?

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Originally Posted by h4q View Post

thx for the replies, but I found my answer in another thread.
SkateZilla wrote there about Sapphire 7870XT, low temperatures, quiet cooling and with the performance and for that price it sounds good.

So I'm buying Sapphire 7870XT. Thanks for help
good choice. the Sapphire HD 7870 XT has a good cooler. stock performance on par with GTX 660 Ti. overclocked to 1.2 ghz performance matches HD 7970(925 mhz). which country are you from ? you can find the best prices from here


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My Sapphire 7870XT arrived today.

In idle it's cool and quiet. GPU temp is around 34°C with 25% fan speed. For me, fans are quiet up to 45% speed.

I played Crysis2 with dx11 and hi-res. In load the card can be loud, but when I set my front fan on higher RPM, it's fine. Max GPU temp was 70°C with 40-50% fan speed.

I tried overclock. With 1200/1600MHz I had artifacts in the Heaven 4.0 benchmark. So now I have 1150/1600MHz and it seems stable so far.

It's really good card, thanks for help.
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