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Just wanted some opinion on what would be a good upgrade from my two gtx 460 SEs in SLI. Haven't been on the forums in a couple years but my rig below is the same as far as everything else is concerned. I work in IT consulting and a media firm just had us do an equipment buyout and our office is getting a handful of ASUS PB287Q monitors which I'll be getting one as part of my commission on the deal along with some assorted SSDs. My 300 case will be also be replaced today with a Corsair Carbide 540 since it's getting cramped space wise.

My budget is roughly $300-$350 (Newegg, Ebay etc.) and single/SLI/Crossfire are all viable options. I just really would love the ability to push the Asus monitors at 1440p/3840 x 2160 which I know won't happen on the 460s in SLI. The main games I play are Insurgency, ARMA 3, DayZ, Skyrim and any Far Cry games.

I've been out of the hardware game for a while and I'm assuming a lot has changed since the 400 series. Thanks for the help guys/gals!
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