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Upgrade help.

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Not sure if this is in the correct section, please move to appropriate thread if its not in the right place, thanks and sorry.

I am trying to upgrade my PC on a budget, this is what i have,


Mine had a different GPU in it but it literally just burned out I am rocking the stock 230 right now.
So everything is stock right now, except an extra d/l burner and 7200rpm 500GB HDD I installed months ago.

So, what I want the computer to do.

I program, using C/C+/Visual C+/Visual Basic/HTML5/Java
I use Dreamweaver and pretty much everything Adobe.
I like to play games (I am in process of selling my XBOX 360 to get the cash for upgrade, no more console gaming)
I want to be able to play games such as BO2, Battelfield 3/4 Crysis3, WOW etc... With Med to Ultra settings.

So guys what can I do? I will have around 250 to spend hopefully. Would an A10 AMD CPU/GPU plus a decent PCI graphics card do the trick?
I'm not sure just looking for advice. I program, so I am not much of a hardware guy. Oh I run a dual monitor set-up which I would like to keep, both are HDMI LED TV's, one of which I use a DVI to HDMI adapter to get them both working.

Thanks for any help and advice given.
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Not that it makes much difference (although it may) I am using win7 ultimate / dual boot ubuntu 12.04

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Hey if you can do a few things to make it easier for us :)

1. Make a rig setup in your' profile go to user profile --> Scroll to the bottom --> Click " Your Rigs" ---> Click Create a Rig --> Fill it all out and save it up

2. Are you flexible on your budget? What type of monitors do you have? Are they 1080p, 1440, 1660p? What size

3. I see that you're a coder and do graphic arts. your system is REALLY REALLY old, would you be flexible on your budget? Even a few hundred more can go a long way.

4. Case, Do you plan on updating this case or building again in the future?
- Case wise, if you can take photos and post them here it would be helpful, since I am not sure what mobos you can use.

5. Windows operating system wise, it does help but not by much just shows us that you are in x64 (you are right?)

6. I would recommend parts wise if you cannot upgrade with more money, using the forums For Sale / For Trade section. Check here, hardforum, anandtech to find a good deal.

- For example, I am in the process of upgrading as are many people potentially in September for the LGA 2011 and new Haswell builds. all of us will be unloading our old hardware. In my case an i7-930 / x58-ud5, GTX 460 (I just got SLI Titans), Power Supplies for new hardware, old monitors i.e dual 23" and you can most likely get some REALLY good deals. Significantly more so than if you bought new.

The only problem with this route is that if you are keen on FULL Warranties, don't know how to build (not sure based off your premade system), this could cause you a lot of problems. If that's the case, buy a cheap laptop connect your monitors to it and be done with it. You just won't be able to do much.

Moving on to more specifics:

1. GPU, you can get a GTX 460 for around $80- $100 used, or a 600 series for $150-$250 used
2. CPU / Ram / Mobo - New you are looking to spend a lot, used you can get good deals, I feel an older i7 series or i5 would be more in line with what you have.
Someone in Hard forum is selling there i7-950 and Super Micro case for $200 just has no ram
3. Hard Drives, what do you have now space wise? Do you find you are running out of space you can get 1TB Hard Drives for $50+
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I will add my rig later on as I am using tapatalk to post right now. My monitors are hd 1080p samsung tv's 23". I will reply with the rest of the info when I get to my pc.

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