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I have an old asus K50IN-SX154V laptop.
I've freshly re-installed it with SSD as replacement from old 5400rpm HDD, but it is still slow

Currently on computer there are pentium T4300, nvidia G103M, 4GB RAM (DDR2 2x2Go 800MHz), this is still a bit slow.

I'm wondering if replacing cpu/gpu with 2nd hand ones would worth it.


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GPU replacement is impossible due to it being soldered to the motherboard.

Processor is in a PGA478MN socket, you might possibly be able to upgrade the CPU with a T4400 or T4500, but it's going to be a very minor upgrade. Not sure if your BIOS will support it, but ASUS did have a K60N that I think used the same board so it might work.

My honest recommendation is to sell or recycle the current machine and pick up a newer generation used laptop if funds are tight.

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