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"upgrade" to dd3 ?

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Upgrade/price point - wait? (fr:E6550+DDR2 > ?+ddr3)

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To be honest i haven't kept up with the hardware news much in the last couple of years, i've been pretty happy with my current setup ~

however, I recently snagged a couple of decent SLI vid cards on the cheap, and was considering going to a DDR mobo. Scanning over the articles here though, I begin to wonder if it's really worth it to do so, i've talked with friends who've had issues with DDR3.. has any of that been worked out?

Also, if I was to go to a DDR3 board, i'd have too look at getting a new proc, which i'm not really against but i've been pretty happy with my oc'd E6550. Is there something on the market before the price curve "blows up" that's worth grabbing? It doesn't have to be intel, but once the Core 2 hit the market I pretty much jumped ship on AMD.

by curve I mean price scaling: (new egg as of now) :
BX80601975 - $999 (yeah no)
BX80601950 - $569 - core i7, l2 4x256, l3 8mb (still probably not)
BX80569Q9550S - - core 2q - l2 12M (closer, quad worthwhile? maybe)

not gonna go down forever.. but you get the point.. i'd rather not spend 350 for a proc - and there are some core i7's around 290 range.. question is, am I going to notice a big enough difference updating the proc from my core 2 to bother? or should I wait a bit longer.

what I have been doing: gaming (don't have much time for it, elec engineering student..) - currently playing dragon ages, might pick up borderlands.. System will need to handle forms of CAD (drafting tools)..
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You do not need to upgrade your CPU, there are DDR3 LGA775 motherboards out there (http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product...82E16813131395).

But, the question you really should be focusing on is, "Should I upgrade my CPU". DDR3 benefits do not really warrant an 'upgrade', but if you were to upgrade your CPU you would probably be better off getting a DDR3 motherboard then.

All in all, you do not really "need" to upgrade. Your CPU should be more then enough for SLI and games (with a nice overclock), and as far as CAD goes, your CPU should be adequate for it. IMO, you should wait till AMD's 6 core desktop CPU comes out next year, then compare Intel/AMD and upgrade options.
thank you for the input, I was thinking triple channel (which I should have specified). That change things at all?

Originally Posted by bledcyan
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thank you for the input, I was thinking triple channel (which I should have specified). That change things at all?

I'm not really sure the mechanics of single/double/triple channel ram. I don't think there would be much of a difference (in real world situations) running triple channel as opposed to double. It's something you might want to look more into though, as I can't say for sure.
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