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Upgrading 360 HDD from 20gb to 120gb?

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is it possible to do this using xplorer360? i dont' want to use the transfer kit as it will wipe my 20gb and i want to keep everything on that still

when i plug in the 120gb all i get is this...

partition 2 is the only one that has any data on it whatsoever, the other 2 are blank, and regardless it does not look like anything useful to me such as all of my game saves and what not

is there anyway to see the data on the other partitions? because there is data, i just got this from a friend and it still has all of his stuff on it. at this point it just doesn't seem like i'll be able to transfer anything
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i don't feel like it seeing as mine is only 64mb and i'd like to do this seeing as it would be free

but i did get another version of xplorer360 that allows me to read the 120gb hdd so i'm going to create an image of both drives and give it a whirl, see what happens
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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