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so it's been 4 years since i used the u3011. also used those catleap and kamakasi or qnix monitors. but didn't find the accuracy of colour comparable to the dell u3011.

i see there are many 4k IPS monitors from ebay korea and i have been seeing it evolve from TN panel to IPS and i see there is a PVA.

so would it be a significant upgrade to say the wasabi mango 430 which seems the latest AH-IPS. i was looking for smaller 4k like 32 inch but cost more than the 43 inch ones. i would love to use the monitor for gaming and picture editing from high end DSLR raw files.

so are there anyone upgraded from 2560x1600 to 4k? every forum i see is people upgrading from 1080p to 4k of course huge jump.

those 43 inch monitors, can i use them at the same viewing distance as a 30 inch? even 30 inch there are a bit of head movement to see things on desktop already. good neck exercise with bigger monitor i guess.

thank you.
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