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Hi there,

I have just finished moving my apartment and our room setup in the new place means I can no longer route my computer audio through my TV receiver for listening to music when I am not watching TV. Because of this, and in conjunction with upgrading / rebuilding a new PC, I'm looking at getting a good headphone audio setup. I have read the guides here as well as some general info all over the internet, and I'm curious if there are some suggestions that I may have overlooked.

So far:

Budget: $3-400ish, not including the sound card which I have already purchased [Xonar DX].

Music Tastes: Classical / Rock.

Desirable: I listen to a number of audiobooks, so it would be great to have a set of headphones that will sound good with a lot of spoken audio. Also, because the room I am in is next door to the laundry, a closed pair of headphones to mask some of the outside noise would be great.

What I have:
Ausus Xonar DX
Steelseries 5H for gaming

These will only be used at my desk, typically while I work or listen to music. I do play some games, but if necessary I'll switch to the 5H to use the mic, until I get a desktop mic.

I'm currently considering:

Fiio E9 - $120 from Amazon
Ultrasone Pro 750 - $225 from Amazon

These come in pretty well in the price range, and as far as I can tell they will suite the combination of music and talking that I end up listening to for the most part. However, if anyone has any thoughts I would be happy to have them. Thanks!
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