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upgrading mobo help me pick :)

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ok so here it is. i currently have the
Asus m3n-sli deluxe mobo and i really dont like how it functions. So ima buy a new one yes. i have no idea bout motherboards tht i could pick so could anyone suggest with links if possible a few mobos i could look at. i have amd AM2 processor but i might consider upgrading to one of the phenom II oness in the near future. i like to overclock and mess around so it has to have some decent overclocking features and i play games alot so i dont want it purely for ocing.

man i have alot of demands. oohh ye i almost forgot i would liek it to be under £100 and DDR2 (i know i cant get a top of the range, all-singing-all-dancing mobo just i dont want a crap one lol)

so ye thanks to anyone that helps out hereee =]=]=]=]
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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