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Upgrading my home server

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I have a fairly low-power home server with these specs:

ASRock J5005-ITX
1 x 2.5" Samsung 850 EVO SSD system disk
2 x 3.5" 8TB WD White HDD
1 x 3.5" 3TB WD Red HDD
HDPlex 200W NanoATX PSU
Fractal Design Node 304

I have Debian 11 on it. I use MergerFs plus Snapraid for the NAS function. I also have it running Plex Media Server (native Linux install) and a couple of docker containers for (pihole, arrs, download clients, etc.). The CPU is having a hard time transcoding HEVC10 and I feel that it's time for an upgrade anyways. For the upgrade, this is what I'm thinking:

  • Keep the case, PSU, and SSD/HDD's (still not sure if it makes sense to upgrade to an nVME drive)
  • Intel Pentium Gold G6400 10th Gen or i3-10100
  • ASRock 410M/510M/470M/570M-itx/ac (depending on the availability here and what is cheapest)
  • I would probably need to switch to using regular DDR4 RAM modules too. What is the recommended size that I get? Is it wise to stay at 8GB (2x4GB)? And would it be OK if I just get those Value RAM's without heatsinks?
  • Since the motherboard only has 4 SATA3 ports, I would need to use an HBA card. I already bought a Dell H310 that I will be flashing to IT-mode.

Any other suggestions you can think of? Would it make more sense if I upgrade to a Node 804 and just buy a MicroATX board so that I can have more PCIe slots in case I need 10Gbe in the future? Do I absolutely need ECC?
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you ever get this figured out? there's e5 2660v3 for cheap and you can build a rig for VM/Docker and shove the rig you have now in a 1u or 2u for a router, just run it on the smallest ssd.
I did. I went with an i3-10100 on the same case.
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