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Upgrading Routers, Need Advice

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I'm not sure how to work router systems that much, since my router config that's up now was setup by someone else.

Right now I'm running a couple buffalo routers (G54 Airstation) that are a year or two old. The main router is connected to the wall in one room, which bridges to another router around 55 feet away (some walls in between, maybe 3 or so). Both routers are wireless, but I have troubles keeping a decent constant signal.

I'm not sure if this is a router problem or not, but online streaming content takes a while to load and gaming is unstable (connection stops every once in a while).

Would I fix these problems with a new pair of routers? What type of security would I need when setting up these routers, and how do I exactly bridge the routers together?
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Research DD-WRT firmware so you can boost the signal of the routers you have instead of buying new ones
Ok, I'm not sure if my routers are really the problem. Could it be that theres something interfering with the connection between the two wireless routers?

For example, when I'm at the disconnect countdown screen in warcraft 3, I minimize, open firefox and refresh google.com a bunch of times. google loads a little slow, but it still loads. I can pull up my router as well through firefox.

So is something getting in between the signal of my routers or what? I'm not sure what to do and this problem is getting really annoying.
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